Pannotator - Software

Single DNA fasta or multifasta file         
Uncompressed GBFF or EMBL file (Annotation source 1)         
Optional Uncompressed GBFF or EMBL file (Annotation source 2)         
Similarity Cut-off %
Genome name (locus_tag prefix)
E-mail for delivery

Some instructions

  • Only the 'Annotation source 2' is not essential to job completion.
  • Do not forget to submit your email address, if wrong email is provided we will not be able to mail you the result!


  • Incorporated tRNA and mRNA predictions (2016).
  • Pannotator optionally accepts a second curated file for annotations. The feature "annotation_source" keeps the record of the better match for each gene (2016).
  • Pannotator is allowing the upload of a multifasta file for annotation. The service will independently annotate each DNA strand within the multifasta, and delivery all files in a compressed zip file (2015).
  • Pannotator now uses the reference file (EMBL or Uncompressed GBFF) to train glimmer on how to predicted genes in the DNA strands, so no longer demands the upload of a CDS prediction file. Please, notice that the Uncompressed GBFF and GB file formats differ from each other. There is no DNA strand within a GB file composition which causes a processing error in the Pannotator software (2014). Unfortunately, we still have not a check for this failure, and the submitter one will receive nothing.
  • Pannotator no longer demands specific file suffix names, just like FASTA, EMBL or Uncompressed GBFF. Uploaded files can have any acceptable nomenclature for the Linux OS files; however, files still need to be uploaded in the button designed for each type of file (2014).
  • Gene's color tag depicting the alignment similarity among an annotated gene and it's annotation source: green (> 95%), yellow (< 95% and >= threshold%) and red (< trheshold%) (2013).

Bug fixes

  • 1- Single annotation for each gene, no longer several superposed different annotations per gene.
  • 2- Genome name entered in the moment of the submission with space delimiter causing delivery error.

Refer FAQs for file format details.